Coaching for Recovery from ME and CFS

With little or no support from conventional medicine, chronic fatigue related illness sufferers are often left feeling confused and anxious about the nature of their illness, about whether recovery is possible, and where to go for help. I know it is possible and my Recovery Coaching Programme is a pathway to fully regain your health and vitality.

These conditions are often characterised by a multitude of ailments and symptoms that require taking a holistic approach to overcome.

My unique approach gives you  a ‘snapshot’ of where you are, what needs to be addressed and in what order. I take the guess-work out of your recovery and formulate a treatment plan that will help you to get your life back.

You will learn which of the Six Phases of Recovery you are in and how to progress through to regain your full health. You will have the time and space to talk about your symptoms  and be heard. Together we will plan the small steps you can take towards your goal of a full life. As someone who has experienced chronic tiredness, I can empathise, appreciate and understand what you have to live through.

Recovery is not usually a word used by our National Health Service in connection with these conditions. Patients are told to go away and ‘live with it’ or to ‘pace themselves’, without any support for living with such a restricting condition. .

Working alongside a specifically designed programme I will support you to understand what is going on in your body and what can be done to regain your strength and prevent any further deterioration.

I will guide you towards the right complimentary treatment that you may need at the appropriate time, which is vitally important, to enable you to address specific symptoms that you might be facing.

I have recovered from chronic fatigue myself so know it is possible. Over the past six years I have gained experience in supporting other sufferers of these life-changing illnesses to regain their health, and I would love to work with you, so you too can get your life back.