To say I lived, especially my 40s, in primarily Super-Woman mode, doesn’t give credit to how I lived my life. It was Uber-Super-Woman mode on a daily basis, 24/7 too! Burn-out followed, and while the crash was not total, I caught the fall before I was truly on my back. Simply not sustainable, desirable, healthy and at great personal cost to those near and dear. Cheryl, has guided, challenged, brought insights into ways of attaining and managing optimum ‘energy’ in a deeply intuitive, gentle, yet powerful, supportive yet challenging, skillful way. She draws on her professional background as a Homeopath, and her ability to question limiting beliefs, values, identify needs and deliver insights.
— RS, London

Working with Cheryl has really helped me to progress. I am also more aware of my emotions and the effect that they have on my wellbeing. I feel so much more positive about the future. I am very grateful to have Cheryl’s support.
— Carolyn, Jersey

I have known Cheryl for over ten years and she has helped my family on numerous occasions. Cheryl has been a tremendous support to myself, helping me with bereavement, dealing with a miscarriage, recovery from an operation and most importantly helping me to conceive my youngest child. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cheryl. Indeed I have already given her name to a number of my friends, who have also had great success with her. I look forward to continuing our relationship for the next ten years!
— Ann, Esher Surrey

I had been suffering from chronic fatigue for a number of years. After various visits to the GP and no clear diagnosis, I decided to try an alternative type of treatment and that’s when I met Cheryl. It was such a relief to discover that it wasn’t ‘all in my mind’ and for someone to say ‘you’ll get better’. Cheryl helped me to understand more about my symptoms and the changes I would need to make. At times I wondered if I would get better but with patience and perseverance, it’s definitely paid off. I now have so much more energy it’s amazing.
I would recommend Cheryl to anyone!
— Alison, Surrey

Over the last year Cheryl has enabled me, through a process of both homeopathy and guided coaching, to explore patterns within my health and relationships. I am feeling more grounded and in greater control of my relationships.
— Caroline, Esher, Surrey

Cheryl has been helping me to manage my health and wellbeing now for nearly ten years. I still have ups and downs but the combination of remedies and counselling that Cheryl offers has helped me cope.
— Lynne, Richmond


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